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Become An Intended Parent

Today, there were millions of couples around the world still are not able to have an opportunity of experiencing the happiness of parenthood due to various reasons. Some of our intended parents suffer from infertility, other biological difficulties or deprivation of rights to have their own children. Ever since the modern In-Vitro Fertilization procedure fully developed, gestational surrogacy has been an important solution for treating the above-mentioned problems. Over the past 20 years, thousands of intended parents across the globe are being helped by Pacific Surrogacy in order to fulfill their dreams of having a family in a way that they may have thought was not possible.

Benefits of Gestational Surrogacy

1. The child does not have any genetic connection to the surrogate. Intended parents are both the biological ans legal guardian of the child. 

Why Choose Gestational Surrogacy? 

Surrogacy is considered as the best option for couples who wish to have a bilogical child and do not want to adopt. The most common reasons of seeking surrogacy are listed below :


Nowadays, a large number of females choose to delay their pregnancy due to focusing on personal goals such as pursuing a higher education, focusing on career goals. 


With the help of both IVF and surrogacy, it does not only increase the success pregnancy rate, but it also gives the intended parents who suffer from infertility an opportunity to build their own family. Throughout the past 20 years, Pacific Surrogacy USA has been working with the most well-established IVF clinics within the States and has helped thousands of couples to overcome infertility problems. 


Over the past decade, the LGBT community has gained more respect and acceptance towards the LGBT rights. Same sex couples have had the opportunity to experience the joy of parenthood. More and more couples from the LGBT community are able to build a family of their own in a way that they never thought of with the help of egg donor and surrogacy program. Pacific Surrogacy USA is honored to serve the LGBT community through surrogacy program.


Pacific Surrogacy USA truly believes each person should have the right to create ones' family in his or her own ways. There are various reasons why couples might decide to take the route of having a baby through the help of a surrogacy program. Pacific Surrogacy USA sincerely respect and support your choices and decisions.


There are many possible causes and reasons of infertility which decreases the chances of getting pregnant. Aside from infertility, there is a large percentage of couples are currently suffer from different medical implications such as brittle diabetes, chronic kidney diseases and cardiovascular diseases.